Clay Pavers

Austral, Brick and Clay Pavers Sydney

Clay pavers are made of natural materials and are fired at high temperatures to give a warm earthy appearance.  At Anthrock we know that when you’ve decided on your paver the last thing you want is a delay waiting for it to arrive. We’ve ensured we stock clay pavers at our Sydney showroom to ensure quick pickup or delivery so you can get your project started as soon as possible.

We stock clay pavers form a range of leading brands including Austral Pavers, Claypave, PGH and more and as such you can expect a wide variety of choice in both styles and sizes ranging from standard ‘brick’ size through to 400mmx400mm.

We believe that the right pavers don’t have to be expensive and as such we’ve secured wholesale prices that we can offer direct to the public so call us to today for a custom quote built to your paving projects requirements.


Clay pavers are made up of various natural materials including clays and shales. Fired at high temperatures in a kiln, their colour being determined by the clays and shales used in the product…thus giving their warm earthy appearance.

Generally used in a standard ‘brick size’ format, they also are available in up to a 400x400mm size. Very versatile, easy to lay for the ‘do it yourselfer’ and last forever.