Retaining Walls

Besser Blocks and Retaining Wall Blocks Sydney

Retaining wall systems are perfect for use in split level yards, around garden edges or as a retaining wall around the home.  The selection available gives you the ability to create a DIY retaining wall that can have its size customised to meet the requirements of your specific project.

There is a selection of styles and designs available from different brands and with their easy to install, no mortar, no fuss builds you’ll be able to setup the wall quickly even if you’ve never done it before!

Getting retaining walls in Sydney has often been a costly thing to do but with this simple approach now available at Anthrock you’ll have save money as we’re able to offer trade prices direct to the public. Give us a call and tell us about the project you need a retaining wall system for and we’ll be happy to help get you started!

Garden Edging/Low Walls

Walls up to 600mm

Walls up to 1000mm

Engineered Walls


Our comprehensive range of masonry retaining wall systems allows the weekend ‘do it yourselfer’ to construct an aesthetically pleasing and structurally sound retaining wall for their yard. Whether you are after a simple garden edge, a medium to large sized retaining wall or a fully engineered commercial scale retaining wall system….Anthrock will have the right product for your project.

Most of our product range allows for simple installation with no mortar required. With full installation (PDF) instructions available to download from our website, combined with heavily discounted prices, constructing a masonry retaining wall has never been easier or more affordable.

General info / Handy points

Standard Unit /Block
These make up the body of the wall. Generally hollow in structure, they are either self connecting (with built in lugs in the block) or connected using keys or pins which come supplied with your blocks. You need to put Capping units on these walls if no Top unit is available.

Top Unit / Block
Essentially the same as a Standard block, but with an enclosed top face. These allow the blocks themselves to act as a Capping unit. Generally the most popular for garden edging or for those looking to build a substantial retaining wall on a budget, as no Capping units are required.

Capping Unit
These are used when no Top units are available and are generally used for the larger scale walls or when a premium, formal ‘replica stone wall’ is required. They also offer a convenient platform for seating if you wish to include this into your walls’ design.

*Most of our masonry retaining wall systems also make available a selection ½ blocks, end blocks, corner blocks etc.