Claypave is a brand which takes pride in consistency. All Claypave products are produced to precision measurements and are the ideal choice for tradesman or large job sites.

There are two surface finishes in the Claypave range – Regal and Regency. Both have distinctly different looks, the regal opting for a smooth finish while the regency offers a textured slip resistant surface.

Regency are the ideal choice for poolside paving and are a common choice amongst those installing in ground pools.

At Anthrock we know how your building expenses can start to mount quite easily so we want to work with you to give you best price possible. We have access to wholesale prices and can put together a custom quote based on the size of your order. Contact us today to get a quote, you won’t be disappointed!


Claypave come in 2 different surface finishes Regal and Regency. Both Regal and Regency are salt safe and driveway safe (ask us about driveway requirements) and are available in 7 natural earthy colours.


Regal is their premium finish with a smooth texture, the Regal range is suited to the most fastidious homeowner.


Regency is their hard wearing textured finish, offering superior slip resistance to those on a budget.

Regency Tan

Regency Tan is one of Claypave’s most durable pavers. The textured surface makes the Regency extra slip resistant.



Please feel free to download brochures for full product list, specs and colour range, or visit the link, then phone or email us for a price!

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