Paver Products

At Anthrock we stock a range of paver products from top brands all around the globe all located In our conveniently located Sydney warehouse.

Paver products are suitable for a range of uses including the creation of paving, retaining walls and wall cladding. For each purpose there are two main considerations, functionality and aesthetics.
Choosing the right paver is about finding the right product that satisfies the requirements of both of these conditions.

We stock a variety of brands to ensure that you have access to an assortment of options, enabling you to get the job done in the right way. Whether you need the precision uniformity of Claypave, the classic coble of Villastone or the rugged look of PGH you’ll find these options and more within our catalogue.

Browse through the range today and call us for a quote. We offer trade prices direct to the public so you’ll be shocked at how much we can save you!