Villastone Pavers



Villastone pavers are extremely durable and dense pavers. Villastone pavers differ from the bulk of other brands as their range comes in larger square designs and are created from wet-cast concrete.

There are multiple finishes available in the Villastone range and the options range from textured to smooth to cobbled. Ideal for use in courtyards and pools the larger designs and varied colours give you the ability to create a custom look that differs from the standard interlocked rectangles that are commonplace.

We believe that cost shouldn’t be the limiting factor in completing the paving project you envisage. We have access to wholesale prices and want to share this with you and as such will custom build a quote based on the size of your project. Contact us today and with a convenient Sydney location for pick up or delivery you can start your project sooner with Anthrock!


Any colour is available for any of our paving range. Matching bullnose is available for most finishes as well as ‘square edge’ bullnose.


The Hewnstone range is available in two finishes – smooth and course. This range is in the 400 x 400 x 40mm size.


The Courtstone paver has cobbled edges for the antique appearance. It is only available in the 580 x 400 x 40mm size.


Formpave is available in 600 x 400 x 40mm. It has a matching bullnose for around pools or stairs. Any colour is possible.


The Classic is available in 500 x 500 x 35mm. The texture is subtle and looks smooth from a distance.


The Dapple finish is available in two sizes – 500 x 500 x 35mm and 500 x 350 x 40mm.


the Gangsawn is available in 450 x 450 x 40mm size (tile thickness is also available).



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