Namoi Valley Bricks

Namoi Valley Bricks



Namoi Valley Bricks specialize in a range of natural and more neutral coloured bricks. There is a selection of finishes available but the most popular of the range is the federation red cobble which features earthy colours that match well with both existing house and garden colours.

Namoi Valley Bricks are ideal for use in driveways and pathways due to their consistent shape and size. They interlock perfectly and can be cut down to ensure they fit to required dimensions.

At Anthrock we have been able to secure wholesale prices and as such can tailor quotes based on the size of your job. Our showroom is located in a convenient Sydney location so contact us for a quote and we can deliver to your job site or arrange for quick and simple pickup.


By far the most popular paver in the NV Paver range is the Federation Red Cobble.

Federation Red Cobble

A rich tan paver that compliments any domestic or commercial situation.
Size 230 x 115 x 50mm.  Salt safe / driveway safe / bullnose.



Please feel free to download brochures for full product list, specs and colour range, or visit the link, then phone or email us for a price!

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